Skin Care That Works Just As Hard As You

Skin Care That Works Just As Hard As You

Nation of Strong | Acquired June 2021 | Health & Beauty


Increase in top line revenue, YoY


Excelled our target expectations by 10%


Increase in international contribution

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When WETHEBRANDS acquired Nation of Strong, the brand was more than a successful eCommerce company, it was a skin care movement.

Their skincare is the living fruit of 50 years of Health & Beauty experience by a renowned, family-run company in Bavaria.

Nation of Strong is more of a movement than a cosmetics brand. Their revolution is about people who are driven by healthy living, body-positivity, and self determination. Everything they create is grounded in their medical-precision heritage and obsessive high-performance philosophy. 

The Challenge

In order to continue delivering exponential yet sustainable growth within a highly competitive and regulated category, we knew we had to focus on both geographical and product range expansion in order to maintain brand relevance. Our goal was to ensure best-in-class listings as well as leveraging existing positions - turning these products into a superstar brand.

Skin Care That Works Just As Hard As You

“I really liked how smooth and professional the process was. I was positively surprised by how much the team cared about understanding what decisions were made and why.”

CEO, Nation of Strong

The Solution

Design & Branding

To make the product consumer-ready, we completely revamped the packaging.

We took a step back and built on existing product USPs to define a persuasive brand story. We updated branding with a new, premium feel, enhanced photos, and created A+ content to increase trust and brand appeal.


In order to achieve exponential growth, we turned our focus to other markets within Europe. We built all listings with content in local languages to improve conversion and refined product stories according to each market needs.


The strength of Nation of Strong as a brand naturally translated into solid marketing strategy to help drive growth. The fresh new content enabled us to improve our Amazon ad strategy.

Social media, affiliate and influencer marketing were also key drivers in the success of transitioning into direct-to-consumer.

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