Top 10 Ecommerce Trends for 2022

In 2021, businesses were focused on adapting to continued ecommerce growth and grappling with physical spaces “opening up”. While the year was all about digital transformation, 2022 is all about standing out and customer expectations.

One way to set up your business for success is to invest in growing areas of ecommerce.

Read below as we discuss some top ecommerce trends for 2022, as well as some digital trends we predict will last throughout the decade.

As ecommerce sales in the US surpass $1 trillion in 2022, businesses need to prioritize the customer experience to sustain their momentum and keep a competitive edge.

1. Social Commerce

More and more people are turning to social media to browse for new products and brands and brands are responding by meeting shoppers where they are. Social commerce sales are projected to reach $79.6 billion in 2025, giving merchants another channel for sales and marketing.

As businesses plan to increase their social media budgets, you’ll want to build out your social strategy. Consider sharing user-generated content to engage followers, partnering with influencers to expand your reach, using livestream shopping to showcase products, and leveraging paid advertising and in-app shopping features to drive sales.

2. Video Marketing

Videos have been proven time after time to be an effective vehicle for marketing your products and attracting new customers. Consider creating and placing videos both on your social media and on key sections of your website like your homepage, about page, or product pages. Unboxing videos, tutorials, explainers, and user-generated content are examples of videos that can resonate with customers and help them make buying decisions.

3. Diverse Payment Methods

The modern online shopper expects a checkout and payment processing experience that is fast, convenient, and safe. Failing to provide an experience that meets these expectations can cost online sellers in both sales and reputation.

"Businesses that diversify their payment technology are more likely to build trust, reduce cart abandonment, and encourage shoppers to spend more."

Brand Manager, Mantaro Brands

4. Subscriptions & Loyalty Programs

As customer retention is becoming more top of mind, launching a subscription service can offer the following benefits:

Consistent Revenue
Subscriptions provide your business with a recurring stream of revenue, which can help you plan inventory, predict sales, and streamline your operations.

Higher Customer Lifetime Value
A monthly subscription business strategy can skyrocket customer lifetime value by turning one-time or occasional buyers into subscribers.  

Lower Acquisition Costs
Since you’ll be getting repeat purchases from customers, you won’t have to spend as much on acquiring and retaining new customers to keep your business going.

5. Chatbots

With chatbots, you give customers a way to reach you in the exact moment that they have questions or problems they can’t solve. This feels much better than sending an email to a support team; with email, it’s hard to know when you’ll get a response back.

But the benefits of live chat stretch far beyond just giving your customers a faster and more convenient way to get in touch with your customer service team. In addition to improving the support experience, live chat can boost agent productivity, help you get to know your customers better, and inform your product decisions.

6. Voice Shopping

With voice ecommerce sales predicted to reach $19.4 billion in 2023, we will see businesses continue to incorporate voice shopping to make it even simpler for customers to buy products. Conversational shopping can help you interact with your customers in real-time. Consider experimenting with chat apps like Facebook Messenger and voice technology like Alexa and Siri to allow customers to engage with your business, get recommendations, and even make purchases.

7. Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce sales in the US are expected to double between now and 2025. To stay ahead, your business needs to create an easy and engaging experience for mobile shoppers. A solid mobile commerce experience will keep your customers coming back to your business and ensure your sales continue to grow in years to come. Consider including things like push notifications, SMS, mobile content, a mobile ecommerce app, and a mobile-optimized website.

8. Sustainability

Sustainability is not just reserved for eco-friendly brands and products. As customers increasingly buy from purpose-driven brands, we’ll see more businesses incorporate sustainable practices. These practices will include things like making material changes to  products and donating to sustainability-focused organizations.

To connect with today’s conscious customer, you’ll want to make sure your values align with your target customers. This alignment will build trust and drive growth for your business.

9. Marketplaces & New Channels

Consumers are increasingly flocking to marketplaces, from big-box retailers like Amazon and Walmart to industry-specific, curated websites. This shows a shift in buying preferences toward more convenience and speed that can be offered by these giant marketplaces.

Rather than focusing solely on one channel, we will see selling alongside Amazon—they will tap into the wide reach and efficient services of Amazon, while maintaining the control and brand experience of your own website.

10. Personalized Products

The numbers don’t lie: studies show that 80 percent of consumers want more personalization from retailers. By providing a deeper level of personalization, businesses will be able to cater to shoppers based on where they are in the customer journey, giving each visitor individual attention that encourages them to move down the funnel.

Creating a personalized shopping experience is the key to satisfying customers. Shoppers often want help to find the right products and value a more personalized experience that caters to their needs.  Ecommerce sites that get onboard with this trend are investing in technology to send personalized pop-ups, follow-up emails, and relevant marketing offers to deliver a better shopping experience and strengthen that bond with their customers.

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