How to Prepare Your Amazon FBA Business for Sale

Navigating the fast-paced world of eCommerce, particularly within the Amazon FBA landscape, can feel like a roller coaster. But what if you're contemplating exiting this ride by selling your FBA business? Good news—there's a straightforward, rewarding way out that maximizes your returns. At Mantaro, we've honed a tech-first approach that does just that, focusing not only on fair valuations but also on streamlined integration into our global platform.

More and more Amazon FBA owners are deciding to sell their businesses, seeking professional help to ensure the best possible return on their investments. But did you know it's possible to exit in just one month when working with a House-of-Brands like Mantaro?

What are you getting? Increased sales through new channels and geographies, lower operational costs thanks to our supply chain and advertising synergies, and a no-hassle exit process. When you choose to partner with us, you're not just selling your business; you're elevating its potential while enjoying a simplified, honest, and efficient transition. So whether you're pondering an exit or actively seeking to sell, this guide is your go-to resource for preparing your Amazon FBA business for a profitable and smooth sale.

1. Amazon FBA Exit Strategy Options

Exiting an Amazon FBA business isn't a walk in the park; the process can be quite demanding. While most acquisition paths are laden with challenges, certain options stand out in their degree of difficulty. When considering an exit strategy, there are primarily two options

Strategic Partner:

The conventional route is to opt for a strategic acquirer who primarily targets mammoth brands boasting annual revenues north of $10 million. Navigating this course could be a long-drawn process, often exceeding six months. And it comes with its own set of complications—these acquirers may lack familiarity with the Amazon ecosystem, necessitating exhaustive educative efforts on your part. 

The Mantaro Model: 

However, the go-to option is selling to a House-of-Brands like Mantaro, which is focused on smaller FBA-only e-commerce stores. With a quick due diligence timeline of about a month, you can expedite the exit process, freeing up your time for other pursuits. Specialized in e-commerce, these acquirers eliminate the need to bring buyers up to speed on the intricacies of Amazon's marketplace. Most compellingly, their post-acquisition management structure allows you to cash in on your business without retaining any operational responsibilities. This efficient approach not only accelerates asset monetization but also gives you the freedom to step away and focus on your next venture.

2. Preparing Your Business for Sale - The Early Stages

Positioning Strategy for Maximum Value

One of the initial steps toward preparing your Amazon FBA business for sale is to optimize your product portfolio. Given the competitive nature of the Amazon marketplace, it’s essential to focus on your most profitable performers and cut non-performing SKUs. As a seller, you should also consider expanding into new markets if you have the capacity. But remember, maintaining your best-seller ranks and dominant position in your key markets should be your priority.

Assessing the Current State of Your Business

Global e-commerce trend suggest sellers who continually assess the state of their businesses often fare better during the selling process. It helps you identify areas of improvement, streamline operations, manage costs, and enhance profitability - factors that can all play a significant role in boosting your business's overall value.

Setting Clear Goals and Expectations

A critical step in preparing your Amazon FBA business for sale lies in definitive decision-making. Decide when you want to sell your business and have a goal to work towards. Reaching out to potential buyers or M&A advisors early in the process can help you optimize your business for an exit.

3. Financial Aspects of Selling Your Business

Valuing Your Amazon FBA Business

Optimizing your Amazon listing isn’t enough, having a clear understanding of your finances is equally important - and the good thing about Amazon is that it’s extremely easy. You should organize your P&L (Profit & Loss Statements) to work out your Seller's Discretionary Earnings (SDE). This will form the basis of your valuation. As an example check the following snippet:

Financial Documentation and Clean-up

Keeping a close eye on your P&L over the last 24 months will help you understand the financial health of your business. Have answers prepared for initial questions a reasonable buyer would have - are margins changing? Is the business growing? These factors can play a significant role in the negotiations with potential buyers.

Understanding Tax Implications

The type of deal you opt for has significant tax implications. While share deals offer tax advantages for the seller, they are more complex, and buyers usually prefer simpler asset deals. Consider whether the main assets of the business (Amazon storefront, trademarks, and inventory) are owned by the same entity or held by you personally. It’s essential to understand these nuances before initiating the selling process. 

4. Legal Considerations and Protections

Preparing Necessary Legal Documents, Contracts and Agreements

Every sale requires proper legal documentation, and selling your Amazon FBA is no different. Drafting, reviewing, and organizing all important documents is the first line of defense against potential roadblocks down the line.  Think of any agreements or contracts you have – with suppliers, for instance. Preparing and presenting such key agreements can make the sale process smoother.

Protecting Intellectual Property and Brand Value

An Amazon FBA business is not just about selling products, but a whole arsenal of intellectual property (IP) that boosts your brand value. Therefore, it's absolutely crucial that your trademarks are registered not just where you are currently selling, but in all your key target markets. Going beyond the basics and enrolling in Amazon's brand registry isn't sufficient - make sure an expert verifies that your trademarks fully protect your products. 

Marketing and Presenting Your Business - Crafting the Sales Pitch

Considering a buyer in the House-of-Brands category, such as Mantaro, offers the advantage of an investor who values not just your existing portfolio but also your future vision for the brand. So, focus on crafting a clear,data-backed growth story for your business. If you claim you can expand to the US, cart out market research that shows there is high demand. If you've got new products in the pipeline, showcase them to demonstrate that you're still invested in your brand. Facts and numbers are the most convincing arguments one can make.

"Experience shows that a well-executed M&A strategy can increase the market share up to 40%, which justifies that such an approach can significantly elevate a company's market position."

M&A Team
Mantaro Brands

5. The Selling Process with Mantaro Brands

Initial Conversations and Meetings

After analyzing your business and financials, the next step is a 30-minute introduction call where you have the chance to ask any questions and clarify your understanding about the selling process. During this time, we also aim to understand your expectations and desired outcomes from the sale.

Discover more about our process at Mantaro Brands via Our process - Discovery/Analysis/Close.

Negotiating Terms: If both parties are interested in moving forward after the initial call, we will prepare an offer approved by our investment committee. This Letter of Intent (LOI) includes the proposed payment structure, the type of deal, exclusivity, and non-compete agreements. After signing the LOI, the due diligence process begins. 

Due Diligence: During the due diligence phase, our team conducts a comprehensive analysis covering four main areas - legalities, the supply chain, operations, and financial aspects. This phase is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of your business before we proceed with the takeover. 

Closing: Post due diligence, once the Purchase Agreement is signed, the closing procedure begins. Key assets such as trademarks, inventory, and the Amazon account are transferred to the buyer and the initial payments are made. It's important to remember that the process isn't complete until the final payment has been made.

6. Seeking Professional Assistance

Why Professional Help Matters

Professional M&A advisors are instrumental to the selling process. They have a deeper understanding of the industry and its nuances, which allows them to value your business accurately and ensure you receive a fair price. Unlike sellers, professional advisors are less emotionally attached to the business and can facilitate a smooth negotiation process, preventing deals from falling through unnecessarily. 

For an example of fruitful partnerships our team has fostered, explore our Case Studies section.

Exploring Alternatives to Brokers

While brokers can assist in finding reliable buyers, discussing with fellow Amazon sellers who have previously sold their businesses can provide useful insights. Approaching buyers directly can also help you save on broker fees, but they often require you to do more legwork. Whether you decide to go through a broker or not, having a professional advisor onboard is always recommended to ensure smooth sailing. 

Meanwhile, those contemplating working with us can visit our Work With Us page to learn more about the expertise we bring to the table.

Partnering with Mantaro Brands for a Successful Sale

At Mantaro Brands, our goal is to make the sale of your FBA business seamless and beneficial for you. Our team's profound understanding of the intricacies of the Amazon FBA landscape, combined with the personal touch we extend to all our partnerships, makes us a preferred choice for sellers. 

7. Final Thoughts: Your Journey to a Successful Sale

Recap of the Process

The journey to selling your Amazon FBA business can seem daunting initially, but with proper planning and professional support, it can be an enriching and profitable experience. From understanding your business landscape and preparing for the sale, to undergoing financial checks, formulation of a compelling sales pitch, and eventually closing the sale – the process is well worth the outcome.

The Benefits of Selling your Business

Selling your Amazon FBA business has a multitude of benefits. It's not just about getting a hefty return on your investment, but also about entrusting your business to capable hands who can maintain or even elevate its success. 

Take a glimpse at the success stories of sellers who sold their businesses in our Seller Stories section.

Got any other questions? Feel free to reach out to us here

At Mantaro Brands, we’re passionate about creating robust exits for owners of Amazon FBA businesses. We believe in fostering relationships while ensuring utmost professionalism. For any queries about the selling process or our operations, you can reach out to us via our Contact page. We have offices in Munich, Berlin, and Boston, and we're keen to serve you, wherever you're based.

We've also designed resources around market trends and strategy that will be interesting reads for anyone managing an Amazon FBA business - about rebranding (Art and Science: Rebranding for Amazon FBA Businesses), eCommerce trends (Top 10 Ecommerce Trends for 2023) and how to face competition (Chinese Competition and the New Normal for Amazon FBA Sellers). 

We're excited about the opportunity to partner with driven Amazon FBA owners like yourself and look forward to making your exit strategy a seamless and rewarding experience.

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